Serpong Lagoon, Beautiful Housing in Tangsel

August 9, 2021


Living in green and beautiful housing is the dream of every family. But not all developers create housing that cares about a green environment. Even though now it is very much needed and very beneficial for health for residents to live in a green environment, and good for children's growth and development because of the coolness and cleanliness of the air.

The green environmental design, as well as the availability of green open spaces overgrown with beautiful plants provide various benefits for you to live in. Various facilities, comfort and security of residence in Serpong Lagoon housing have been proven and felt by many people.


The existence of these trees and plants is important to supply oxygen and reduce pollution which has recently increased.

There are several benefits and advantages of living in a green environment:

1. Health

A beautiful and green environment will produce healthy air around us. Therefore, in choosing a residential residence, it is very important to consider the green environmental aspect. This has been implemented by Serpong Lagoon, and we also find that in Serpong Lagoon housing there are several recreational areas where plants and shady trees are protected to create a beautiful atmosphere.

2. Reduce the risk of stress and heart disease

We can agree that if we are in a rural area where plants and trees are still growing, the stress is reduced or not at all because the atmosphere is relaxed and relaxed. This situation is the same as the green environment in even the most modern housing estates such as Serpong Lagoon which has a beautiful lake, perfect for you to spend time every weekend for relaxation from the fatigue of work activities.

3. Maximize the growth and development of children

The benefits of a green environment are also felt by children and affect their development. Availability of a green and safe environment for children to play so that children become healthy and always cheerful. This is one of the solutions nowadays, many children are dependent on gadgets so that children play naturally and children's development becomes even better.

4. Healthy lifestyle

The desire to adopt a healthy lifestyle is constrained by the arid environment around us and high pollution, which makes it difficult for us to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Want to exercise so lazy, because the air is not clean anymore. Serpong Lagoon housing always maintains a clean air condition supported by lots of trees so that pollution does not occur because the oxygen produced by plants and trees is fresher. Serpong Lagoon housing is also available Jogging Track, so you don't have to worry about air problems anymore. Fresh and clean air makes you feel healthy living comfortably in Serpong Lagoon.

Some important points have been mentioned above, we already know the benefits are so great. Do we agree that it is so important for us to live and live in a green environment.

For those of you who still live in Jakarta, feel and enjoy the experience of living in Serpong Lagoon which is very minimal air pollution because it has a green and beautiful environment that keeps you and your family healthy.

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