About Us

Leading Company in property with affordable prices for the middle sector.

BSA Land Value

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Proven Track Record and Business Model

We have built more than 10.000
residential and commercial units.


Transparent and Honest

We have a good relationship with our partners and co-workers.

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Projects Spread Throughout the Regions in Indonesia

BSA Land has 30 residential and commercial projects spread across the regions in Indonesia.

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Solid Team

We have employees who
spread throughout Indonesia.


Dynamic and Always Innovating

We consistently innovate and quickly adapt
to global changes.

What we

Become the largest property developer in Indonesia for the middle sector by consistently innovating and prioritizing integrity, humanity, and care for the social environment.


Provide high quality and affordable residential and commercial projects for the middle sector.  


Fulfill the needs of the urban people by providing a safe and comfortable environment place to live and business.

Track Record

BSA Land is a property developer established in 2008, with the main office located in BSD, South Tangerang.

Our projects are spread throughout the region in Indonesia, from Java, Sumatra, Kalimantan, and Sulawesi with various types of properties, such as Housing, Shophouses, Modern Markets, Warehousing, Water Tourism, and Spare Parts Centers.

BSA Land is committed to prioritizing consumer comfort and satisfaction, so we continue to innovate in improving the quality of service to become the leading property developer in Indonesia for the middle sector.