Alert! These are Tips for Finding a New Home on the Internet

August 21, 2021


In today's digital era, people are increasingly facilitated in their activities and buying and selling activities. This also happens in the world of property. Currently, home buying and selling portal sites are increasingly widespread and used by many people in the business of owning a dream home. However, the turmoil in the digital world, especially in the property sector, is not without risks. Not a few people are deceived and suffer losses by irresponsible elements.

These are tips from BSA Land for those of you who want to make buying and selling transactions in the digital or internet era.

1. Official Website for Housing or Developers

Make sure the site you visit is the official page of the developer or the official site of the housing itself. Currently, many property agents create personal websites with website names that have similarities to the official website. Worried, the agents do not have good product knowledge, or are not currently active in selling these products. This can make you disappointed and have a bad view of the product, even though it happens because a potential customer enters an unofficial website.

2. Don't Transfer Carelessly

Many victims of fraud are deceived or suffer losses because they have transferred a certain amount of money before meeting the property salesperson. Usually these irresponsible elements are very good at tricking the victims. Do not transfer money carelessly if you have not met in person, or have not visited the marketing gallery or visited the housing. Moreover, if the account number used to request the transfer is not in the name of the company, you must be very careful.

3. Arrange a Visit to the Marketing Gallery

Even if you are looking for a house through the internet or a property buying and selling portal, a survey to the housing location or to the marketing office where the housing is being built is mandatory. In addition to getting more complete product information, visiting housing locations can make us more confident to buy the property or not. Developers also usually have prepared a sample house to see and imagine what the house will look like in the future.

4. Developer Research

Some housing projects, sometimes stopped in the middle of the road and not continued because of the developer's inability to continue development. This can be very detrimental to consumers who have made a down payment, as well as those who have paid in installments within a certain period of time (if cash is gradual). Therefore, when looking for a home property on the internet, don't forget to research first, who the developer or housing developer is. This is done to prevent bad things that can happen in the future. Make sure the developer who builds housing has a good reputation, and has experience in running housing projects.

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