5 Useful Activities During WFH

August 9, 2021


Since the implementation of WFH (work from home) maybe some people will feel bored while staying at home, something that is always done is that. During this pandemic, it is indeed a new experience for all of us, it is difficult to adapt to situations like this. But that doesn't mean we just sit still and don't take advantage of the available time, so maybe we can do homework that we have neglected for a long time or have never done.

During this pandemic we can do something new from home. Grateful with the development of information technology that has been very advanced so we can still reach information from outside, interact online and can find something knowledge to do with the internet online.

If you haven't found an idea for homework, then take a look at some fun ideas that you can do to make your time at home useful.

1. Farming

If you like plants, then it's perfect for you to do it at home. Don't worry because you don't have a large home page, you just need to plant plants with simple small pots that can be hung or not. Moreover, you have enough pages, you can take advantage of growing vegetables where you can use them yourself. Not bad, with the current conditions, you can save your financial expenses.

2. Sewing

Sewing now is not something that is considered difficult, we can learn it on Youtube.com, just try to find a way to learn how to sew clothes, bags or what is needed now, such as masks. Now there are many sewing machines that he uses very easily available in the marketplace and the price range is not too expensive. Well, you just have to work on it if you can, you can have a side income from sewing.

3.Cleaning Kitchen Furniture

This you can do at home is to clean the kitchen furniture. By cleaning the kitchen furniture will keep the furniture from the nest of bacteria. Try cleaning pots, glasses, plates, stoves and so on cleanly. That way, when you cook it will be more hygienic

4. Cooking

The fourth beneficial activity is cooking. Previously, I cleaned the kitchen. Try to cook by looking at new recipes, if it works and tastes good, you can eat with your family when breaking the fast later. You can also use this activity to open a culinary business too. Who knows the results of your cooking are delicious. So there is nothing wrong if you open a culinary business.

5. Washing Private Vehicles

Dirty vehicles will really disturb the view. So, there's nothing wrong with washing your own private vehicle, instead of going out of the house to come to the steam wash, it's better to wash your own vehicle because it's more economical and you can save the money.

So, try to do things that are useful and can keep you from being bored or can make you feel at home. So, what do you want to do out of these 5 activities that fill your time on the sidelines of WFH like right now at home?

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